The Pitch Winners Bible

We wrote a book about TVC treatment pitching, giving away all our secrets of winning competitive pitches. It’s the most comprehensive and detailed guide to the process that’s ever been written.


We firmly believe it will give anyone from the newbie Director to the most seasoned industry professional a competitive edge.


Why listen to us? 10+ years in business. US$2 billion in production budgets secured in over 40 countries. 10,000 pitches and counting, each one unique. The world’s #1 company in this niche.



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You can access the 3-hour audio versions for free here.


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What industry leaders say about it:


“A detailed hardcore tool for serious individuals and companies seeking concrete and specific aids in major pitches” FXGuide


“An amazing compendium of tips and tricks that will give every Director who reads it an edge over every Director that doesn’t” Simon Veksner, Ex-BBH London ECD


“The secrets to successful pitching are unleashed in this comprehensive guide” Danny Edwards, Editor, Shots Inc.


“I wish I had this book when I started pitching for film and TV. It contains gems of knowledge for whatever part of the industry you come from” David Long, Composer, LOTR and The Hobbit