The Top 10 Ads Of All Time?

We tapped the minds of over 20 industry professionals to compile a list of the 10 (ok, 13) top ads of all time...

7 Super Bowl LIII Ads Not to Miss

Expect comedy, cars, creative daring, corporate social awareness appeals and, of course, a whole lot of celebrities.

9 of the Best Backwards Music Videos Ever Made

Once upon a time, either by accident or intention, somebody queued a film spool in the wrong way - and history was made.

Advertising's Robotic Renaissance: How AI is Changing the Industry

Will the robots take our jobs? Will we get flying cars? What does it all mean?

AR: The New Reality of Advertising

The Moon Unit delves deep into the mysterious world of AR to discover where it came from - and where it's going.

Invisible Ink: The Truth About Life as a Ghostwriter

What does a ghostwriter really do? And is the life of a ghostwriter all it’s cracked up to be? The Moon Unit pulls back the veil on the mysterious lives of ghostwriters to answer these questions and more...

Lost In Translation

Silly, succinct and satisfying: The Moon Unit compiles some of the best words of the world that don't quite translate to English.

The Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever?

The fight for attention during halftime has spawned some of the most innovative commercials to date – and some of the most controversial.

Why Awards Shows Are Broken - And Why We Can't Stop Attending Them

In the 1950’s somebody had the genius idea of hosting the first advertising awards show, and for a while all was good.

The 14 Worst Ads Ever Made

Some of these ads damaged brands. Many destroyed careers. Others are so vacuous or disturbing you're left wondering what the creatives were taking...

Can Creative Roles be Automated?

The first jobs to be replaced by AI were physical, menial and repetitive. But now 'smarter' jobs are feeling the heat. Will AI ever replace creative roles?

5 Creative Marketing Ideas For Good That Don't Suck

Many marketing ideas for good show the potential but lack the credentials. These five walk the walk, and stayed creative while doing it.

The Narrative Format That's Taking Television By Storm

Nestled snugly in the borderlands of the motion-picture landscape, somewhere between feature films and soap-opera serials, lies a recently re-energized destination for television tourists: the miniseries.

Why Advertising Is Moving Away From Ad Agencies

Ad agencies are imploding due to growing trends of in-housing, hybrid models and automation. What does that mean for agencies - and the people that work in them?

The True Meaning of Christmas Ads

Looking back at the Christmas ads of our parents’ and grandparents’ generation, their concerns are obvious to us. But what if we turn the lens onto ourselves?

How to Write Outstanding TV Commercial Treatments

The most challenging part of the TVC production process can be pitching - luckily, this guide has you covered.

How the ad industry can turn a recession to its advantage

With a global economic recession due to the Coronavirus looking more likely every day, the advertising industry is facing a precarious and uncertain future. However, the ad industry is nothing if not tenacious, and the companies that are willing to adapt will be set to come out the other end stronger than ever.

The Weird World of Alternate Reality Gaming

A client came to us with a concept for a large scale alternate reality game - so we took a deep dive into the topic...

Are E-Sports an Advertising Dream Come True?

We analysed the rise of the burgeoning competitive video gaming industry, and why brands are clamouring to get on board.

For Purpose or Profit? The Ethical Debate Behind Brand Activism

Brand activism is the hottest and most volatile trend in marketing at the moment. So naturally we took a look into how it works and what the ethical issues behind it are.

How One Instagram Account Turned Fashion Upside Down

We document the rise of one Instagram account from hobby project to the most important modern critic in the fashion world. But will its newfound power be its downfall?

The Dark Underbelly of Internet Marketing

A journey into the world of online astroturfing, examining the blurry lines between internet influence and malicious manipulation.

Alcohol Advertisers Must Mix it Up to Stay Relevant

Sex doesn’t sell like it used to, so how does alcohol advertising keep cutting it?

Has a backlash against diversity begun?

As the industry continues its attempts to tackle the issue of diversity are some people already pushing against it, and is enough really being done to further the cause? The Moon Unit looks at the strides that have been made, examines the arguments some have against them, and asks whether our understanding of the word 'diversity' needs broadening.

Is advertising killing the planet?

Kicking off this month's sustainability and climate focus, The Moon Unit examines advertising's role in the climate emergency. How much responsibility should the industry take for the current situation, and how much effect can it have on what the future looks like?

Manifesto ads; has ‘corporate poetry’ outstayed its welcome?

When advertisers switched from concentrating on unique selling points to focussing on feelings, a monster was born. Manifesto ads with their earnest voiceovers, tinkly piano tracks and podium-like posturing have become client cat-nip. But, asks The Moon Unit, are they a force for good or actively evil?

Why the public hates the ads we love

If authenticity in advertising means being true to your brand, and to your consumers, then should the industry be more in tune with what those consumers actually like?

Want to make great commercials? Try 'sadvertising'

If there's one thing guaranteed to bore a consumer, argues The Moon Unit, it's relentless positivity, because the ebb and flow of emotions is what creates a connection. Clients don't always see that, but mixing negativity with something more positive is a proven path to success.

What will Cannes be like in 100 years?

What categories might there be in the next century, and how will those messages be delivered? Will the Lions festival as we know it still exist and, crucially, will there still be rosé? The Moon Unit cracks out its crystal ball to investigate.

Sensual satisfaction: make them lick the screen

Tired of bland food ads that fail to make your mouth water? Look no further, because we're here to serve up some seriously craveable content. Our clients demand films that leave viewers with an irresistible urge to indulge.