What's with the sci-fi names?

From day 1 we adopted pseudonyms, just for fun, because it seemed like a cool thing to do. After all this is nothing about us, and all about you.


Then, it stuck.


Everything’s via remote and we’re never going to meet, in an ego-free exchange.


So, we have this hand-picked international crew with sci-fi themed names like Astra, Katniss, Orion, Gal, Vader, Han, Spock, Logan, Apollo, Lando etc. A full fruit-and-nut mix of who we consider to be some of the world’s top talent, but never taking ourselves too seriously.


No one in the company has ever met each other in real life, yet here we are as an online global family bought together by a creative passion for moving image culture in all its beautiful, crazy forms.


We love this.